Ace Kitchen and Co

How to care and clean your carbon steel or copper cookware and utensils.

Carbon Steel


Wash with warm water. if needed, use a pan scraper, scrub brush, or non-scratch pad. Preferably use a chain mail scrubber. Soap is not recommended as it can break down the seasoning on the pan.
Dry immediately and thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
Thoroughly rub a light layer of cooking oil or our custom seasoning wax on the entire pan.
Each one of our pans is individually handcrafted, so there many be marks or discolorations during the seasoning process, but in no way does it affect the beauty or functionality of our pans.



All of our copper pieces are 100% pure copper. Therefore, please expect the natural patina process to occur. If using as a display piece, copper can be buffed with any copper creams on the market. This will reduce the patina somewhat, but copper will naturally patina over time.
If using for cooking, gently wash after use and wipe down with a thin layer of oil or food safe copper cream. Over time your piece will continue to develop a naturally beautiful patina.